We believe that all young people should be given the opportunity to shine. At Mary’s Youth Club we challenge youngsters to discover for themselves what they are capable of and inspire them to pursue their goals.

Last year, over 500 participated in a wide range of activities, from dance to sports to show-case events and workshops on topical issues. Not only that, our unique co-production approach puts 15 young people a year in charge of moving things forward, giving them 4 months’ paid work experience where they learn how to motivate, how to negotiate and how to empathise with – and challenge other members.


There are five ways to support us:

Business partnerships

There are many ways for you & your employees to get involved with us. You could mentor our young people with as little as an hour per month, helping them choose a goal they want to work towards – and the various steps they should take to achieve it; or you could have our young people give their time to your business, whilst learning themselves from the experience. Chances to see a workplace, hear about career paths and pick up practical tips are so valuable.  Contact us today to talk about the structured opportunities we offer to companies for meaningful volunteering.

Fundraise for us

The money you raise can help fund a course / activity session for young people, such as an employability workshop or a skills development session. Just £25 would cover one session, whilst £220 would cover a month worth of sessions; £550 would fund a driving theory course, including tests, which has proved very popular amongst young attendees in the past. Click here to start fundraising.

Make a donation

Every little helps. A few donations of £5 add up to an important event for our young people. Click here to make a donation. We appreciate anything you can give us, whether just a few pounds of more.

Take part in an event

Sign up for an event today here. Earlier this year one of our trustees Ian Mylam did a walk along the entire length of the Thames to raise funds for our youth club. Could you replicate his success?

Volunteer your time

The impact that volunteers, which give as little as an hour per month, can have on our young people is priceless. When a young person finds someone to streamline behind, they can find themselves in places they never believed they’d reach. Not only can you help guide them towards planning their future, but you are giving them someone to look up to and take advice from. We’re currently in the process of finding mentors who are willing to give something of themselves to disadvantaged young people – and willing to enjoy a meaningful relationship that gives at least as much as it takes. Register through this link today to find out how to take part or click here to read what it’s like to mentor from someone who has experienced it first hand.

We are very grateful for your support.

**To register for volunteering or mentoring click here, and one of our team will be in contact with you**

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