To provide the best for your children, we need to work in partnership with you.

Making use of your skills and gifts

We are always keen for you to play an active part in the Pre-school and to put your talents to use within sessions. Please let the Pre-school Manager know what you would like to do, perhaps help within a session, bake cakes, fundraise or accompany us on an outing etc. Your support contributes greatly to the shared life of the Pre-school and builds great practical links with the staff team. For example, parents in the past have run a weekly music session, an exercise session and have produced a dvd of the children in pre-school. These need not take much of your time as fifteen or twenty minutes is long enough for small children.

Information on what is happening

A notice board outside the Pre-school room shows the weekly activity plan, events and other articles of interest relating to children’s development and the running of the Pre-school. There is also a Parents’ noticeboard and a regular newsletter.

If you are thinking about choosing a Nursery / Pre-school you may want to download and read our Welcome Information Pack for Parents to learn more about how we work and what you can expect if you chose our Pre-school.

There is also a policy outlining Parental involvement in the Pre-school.

Read the parental policy (PDF).

We also have a policy on Settling in (PDF) which you will find useful.

Read what the Parents of children we previously looked after told us.

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