Active Kids

Thank you for getting our kids more active


Every year Sainsbury’s runs an Active Kids initiative, across the UK, to help community groups support schoolchildren of all ages to become more active. For every £5 or £10 spent at Sainsbury’s Local and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets respectively, shoppers receive an Active Kids voucher. Those shoppers can then decide which community organisation they would like to donate to. Those organisations can then submit their Active Kids vouchers to Sainsbury’s, in exchange for new equipment or experiences that inspire children to be more active.
This year, Mary’s preschool has been collecting the vouchers throughout the Spring and Summer term. Using the vouchers, Mary’s has been able to order sports and play equipment that includes magnifiers, badminton stands, table tennis bats and much more.
Mary’s would like to thank our friends and supporters – such as local families and St Mary’s church members – for the Active Kids voucher donations made to us. The total value of the Active Kids vouchers Mary’s received was £2,421.


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