Thank you for your interest in our Pre-School.  Please find below our charges applicable from Sept 2015/2016.



Age General Rate
2 yr olds       £7.70/hr
3-5 yr olds       £6.60/hr

Sessions & Minimum Bookings

You may book part days or full days. You can choose between AM sessions (9 am-1 pm),  AMS sessions (9 -12 am),  PM sessions (1-4 pm) or Full Day sessions (9 am-4 pm).   The minimum weekly booking is 2 full days or 4 part days.

We take ad-hock extra session bookings in addition to regular bookings subject to availability. These are charged at £10/hr.

Government funding

For 3 + year olds there is a government entitlement for 15 hrs /week (5 x 3 hr sessions) of free early years education.  From September 2013 the government also provides the same number of free sessions for eligible 2 year olds. Our setting has 8 places set aside in the mornings and afternoons for the funded 2 year olds.  To find out about this provision and if your child is eligible please click here. Once you have your eligibility confirmed you may apply for a place using our on-line application form.

Funding for the eligible children starts at the start of the term AFTER the children turned 3 (or 2 in the case of eligible 2 yr olds).   The fees we charge at the setting change on the 3rd birthday of the children.

If your child is eligible for government funding you will have 5 x 3 hrs of your booked sessions / week discounted to £0 with the rest charged at the applicable rate.

From September 2017 the government will increase support for childcare costs up to 30 hrs free childcare for 3 & 4 year olds for eligible families. Please click on the link below to find out more about additional help with childcare costs.

feel_and_seeAdditional help with childcare costs

If there is anything you would like to discuss about the charges, please speak to Alison Cuff on 0207 7042873.
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