Mary’s Summerversity 2016

What a way to spend a summer! Hear all about Summerversity 2016

In Spring of this year, Creative London on behalf of the Islington Council offered organisations a chance to bid to deliver a programme of activity over the summer months, for “13 to 16 year olds to learn new skills, try something fresh and exciting – and make new friends.” This programme is called Summerversity. Mary’s successfully bid to run a 2016 Summerversity programme.

Mary’s Summerversity 2016 programme ran from 25 July until 25 August and comprised over 25 sessions, covering: drivers’ education and drivers’ theory test, first aid, money and enterprise, sports leadership and cooking.

More about the sessions:

Drivers Education
Our internally-developed course is designed to guide and prepare young people for their Driving Theory Test. It covered key areas required for the theory test and was delivered in an interactive format, with a combination of group, computer and paper-based exercises and quizzes. At the end of the course, the young people could choose and book their Driving Theory Test, the cost of which was covered by the course (following adequate attendance at the course). This course provided the primary steps to helping our young people become independent drivers.

“Learning was fun”
“I enjoyed the way we learnt the information”

First Aid
This course was delivered by volunteer medics through StreetDoctors, to equip young people with basic first aid skills and give them the confidence to know what to do, if they find themselves being the only one around to help in a physical injury emergency. The course was split into two modules – what to do if someone is bleeding and what to do if someone is unconscious – and was delivered through the use of visual props and practical role play scenarios. On completion young people received a certificate.

“I enjoyed learning how to help someone who is in danger”
“[The best thing was] Getting to try out what we had learnt”

Money & Enterprise
Put together by experienced staff from MyBnk, a charity which teaches young people how to manage their money and set up their own enterprise, the course comprised six sessions. The first three were designed to help young people learn about money matters and management, including learning about payslips, budgeting and banking, to encourage them to think and care about their finances both in the short-term and long-term future. The final two sessions were structured around enterprise, to introduce young people to social enterprise and the art of pitching and selling, before being given their own tasks to complete before the final session.

“It was more informative and interactive than I expected”
“The thing I enjoyed most was learning about budgeting”

Sports Leader Award
We called this course ‘Go Lead’ and it was designed as an introduction to leadership. It provided a new understanding of how young people can use leadership skills in their day-to-day work or college lives. It also covered the knowledge, skills and competencies to lead basic physical activity sessions under direct supervision. Delivered by our experienced youth worker, the course enabled participating young people to develop their communication skills, confidence and leadership.

“I learned how to cater to those who need motivational support”
“I enjoyed getting a better insight into leading sports sessions”

Hospitality and cooking
This course gave young people an introduction to the world of food and hospitality. Sessions were supported by our Youth Worker, two of our young people that were completing an ASDAN qualification in food, and one of our Co-Producers, who also led the hospitality sessions. The young people completed a hospitality project, which culminated in them providing the catering for our celebration and signposting event.

Thank you
Our thanks to everyone who took part in making Summerversity a success. The programme ended with a barbeque on 30 August, which 77 young people attended.


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