An Islington based company called The Parent Zone joined with Mary’s Youth Club to do some filming. Directing this film is (ex BBC producer) Gilly Longton who has created a series of short films for rolled out across the country as part of a “Digital Parenting Course”.

Young people that attend the Almeida Young Company Drama and Myself UK Dance groups at St Mary’s youth club were selected to make this short (four-minute) film. It focused on issues around uploading self-images onto sites using your mobile phone, aimed at children as young as 11 years old.

The project helped to inform the participants and is hoped will help the young people and their parents watching the films about online safety.


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This is what some of the young people participating had to say:

“I have got so much more confidence then I’ve ever had before”



“Doing this filming today is a really big thing for me! I could not see myself doing this a year ago”



“This is a great way to express myself”



“I can now speak to people without being shy”



“There’s not many things I’m good at so I’m really glad I get to do this” 

















It was a great project –

Keep a look out for the final edit

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