Gym Development Project

The Gym Development Project involves a group of young people meeting for a session every Thursday between 7:30-8:30, working together to devise an action plan to refurbish and transform the current fitness room into a fully equipped gym space for use by both our youth club and the general public. This project allows young people to develop a variety of skills such as project planning, problem-solving, communication, presenting and much more, this is done through activities such as collating information, making considerations at each stage, identifying funders and community consultation which the current group have done in a form of surveys and have recently put in a funding bid which we are awaiting a decision. This is an ongoing project which welcomes new young people to become part of our existing group, looking ahead there will opportunities to work with professionals with experience in interior design and business enterprise.

Sports Leader Award

As part of our sports programme we always strive to support young people to develop skills that will help them in the future. We do this by supporting young people who are interested in becoming Young Sports Leaders which is certificated by Sports Leaders UK. This is an exciting opportunity for young people to take a leading activities and act as an ambassador for their peers, throughout the award they receive support from us to plan, deliver and evaluate each activity that they are involved in.

Employability Hub (Drop-in sessions)

We also hold drop-in sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays between 6-9pm where you can come in & get support with job applications, project planning, CV writing, homework / assignments etc.
Contact Charles or Rebecca at for more information on the projects and how to join.

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