Who are the Co-Producers?

They are young people aged 16-19  who take an active role in the shaping and running of Mary’s Youth Club.

“By co-producing, I’ve been able to provide opportunities for other people.”

Mary’s Co-producer’s scheme employs five young people to participate in running and leading the Youth Club, allowing more activities to happen and also giving the co-producers a step-up on their own path to employment.

“Co-producing gives me skills I’ll use again and again,” said Lucy, when asked about why she does it.  Others, like Sarah, see the position as a way to get experience on the way to a specific application or career: ‘I want to be a Clinical Psychologist,” she said.  “It’s hard to get experience working with young people, and this is a great way to start.”

Any young person can taste the role for themselves by joining the youth club and stepping up to lead.

If you’re interested in the Co-Producer’s Scheme, contact us on youthclub@marys.org.uk

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