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                                               July 2015  

Offering Young People a Hand

A new partnership with Baker&McKenzie to mentor our Young People

Over the last year we’ve been concentrating on helping the Young People at Mary’s Youth Club improve their employability and prepare for the adult world of work.  New skills, personal development and opportunities to meet challenges and solve problems are a good start, but we’re passionate about adding in an ingredient that has been proven to change prospects: mentoring.  When a young person is mentored they have a personal level of support that programmes and schemes can’t match.  Behind the meetings and sessions is a relationship – and we’ve seen again and again how trusting relationships are the best soil in which our young people to grow.

That’s why we’ve been actively seeking individuals and groups who can mentor through Mary’s Youth Club and we’re very pleased to be working with Baker & McKenzie, the global law firm with a large office in the City.  We hope that by taking our young people under their wings, mentors with experience of professional careers and serious study can raise aspirations and provide practical tips and advice.  By giving Baker & McKenzie employees the opportunity to mentor, we also hope to involve them in our community and give them a part to play in being a Force for Good.

Over six monthly meetings, mentors take on many roles.  They listen to a young person’s plans and hopes, encourage and advise them.  They host them at their own place of work, giving them a taste of being in employment as a professional.  Besides having their eyes opened towards the possibilities, we want our young people to build a relationship of trust and take the time to learn from someone ahead of them in life’s long journey.

If you are interested in mentoring, please contact the Mary’s Youth Club team.

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Poetry in the Crypt

Poetry in the Crypt is a semi-regular poetry reading that takes place every few months in the Crypt rooms below St Mary’s Church.  As one of the Community Groups who have been using Mary’s Meeting Rooms for several years, they represent a wide range of people drawn together from across London in search of poetry.  There are normally three guest readers, usually published poets, together with ‘floor spots’ giving attendees the opportunity to share their own compositions.  There are also refreshments served during an interval and a chance to meet the poets themselves.
Poetry in the Crypt has been run for many years by Mike Bartholemew-Biggs and Nancy Mattson, both poets in their own right.
The reading is also an opportunity to raise money for Hospice Care Kenya, and we’re glad to see that in hosting Poetry in the Crypt, our ability to help change lives goes even further than you might have guessed!

Youth Club Summerversity 

Partnership with Islington Summerversity has enabled the Youth Club to offer a range of activities over the Summer break.  Courses include First Aid training, the ever-popular Driving Theory course, several workout programmes and another chance for young people to participate in Enabling Enterprise.  Courses with accreditations or leading towards a qualification aren’t simply valued by our Young People – they’re also steps on the way to employment and independence.  So whether attendees hope to use their driving license for work or to achieve their own mobility, we want to help them broaden their choices.  Whether a first aid qualification will lead them to employment with children or in care, or simply gives them an edge in an application, we want to be providing something that will also allow our Young People to be part of a Force for Good in the Community.  To find out more about the courses we’re offering, take a look at the Youth Club page.
#summerversity is also on instagram and twitter
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Mary’s Children’s Services

At Mary’s we’re really proud of the work our Children’s Services team do for the youngest in our community – and their parents!  Our popular half term and holiday playschemes give children the chance to mix with one another, try new activities and explore the world around, while also providing childcare for parents who need someone to help manage the energy of children not at school.  During our May playscheme, children visited the Lee Valley nature reserve, ‘wrestled with nature’s mini beasts’ and then gathered natural materials to include in an art activity.  As well as a fun day out, the children had a real chance to learn about animals in their habitats, how to treat them gently and with respect, and then to express themselves back at the Neighbourhood Centre. The summer playscheme already underway has many more outings and activities and a full complement of children filling every available place. 
We’re also very proud that our Pre-School has again been awarded an OFSTED ‘Good’ rating, at our recent inspection in May recognising the hard work of our staff and the special community around the children there.
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