Impact survey questionnaire


Dear Support Group Member,

We would like to invite you to complete our anonymous impact survey.

The survey is completely anonymous; it does not ask for personal details (name address or contact information) so no-one will be identifiable from their responses.

Why is Mary’s doing this survey?

We want to better understand the benefits gained from attending one of the many support groups here at our venue in order to answer two simple questions: Who is benefitting and how?

Why does Mary’s want to know this?

Mary’s, the charity responsible for running the Centre exists to improve the lives and conditions of the communities of Islington and surrounding areas.  We have supported 12 step groups for over 10 years with reduced rate rental and would like to continue our support, but now need some concrete information about the value of our facilities service to demonstrate to our funders its overall social impact.

How is Mary’s going to use the information gathered?

The information gathered will be used in reports and for planning and management purposes.

How do I access the survey and how long will it take to complete it?  

The form can be completed anonymously either online or manually and it will take no more than 5 minutes. You can get a hard copy of the form from your groups treasurer or secretary within one of your sessions or from reception. If completing it manually, please post the completed form in the labelled box at reception.

We very much appreciate your help.

With best wishes

Balazs Csernus

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