Mary’s Story 1 
                                    December 2014  

Sharing the Mary’s Story

Since our re-launch we’ve been changing how we tell our tale…

A new website – a refreshed noticeboard – a new manifesto – all part of our renovation as we transform SMICP into Mary’s.  And now we can also add to the list a new feature mailing – the Mary’s Story.

Our updates through this newsletter should keep you in the loop with developments, changes and upcoming events.  We’ll also tell you about the successes of initiatives and feature some of the stories of our users, from the Youth Club to groups hiring rooms or the parents of our successful and popular preschool.  As a supporter and a Friend of Mary’s, your ongoing interest is particularly valuable to us, and so we are also keen to hear from you – what stories and information about Mary’s would you particularly like to hear?

We hope our updates will also be the start of conversations and new interactions – and as we’ll also be letting you know of how you can help in Mary’s work, whether by volunteering, sharing skills or simply keeping talking about us!  You’ll find buttons inviting you to contact us to participate in the conversation and the calling of serving the community.

Count Me In!

New Youth Club Programme – Digital Media Skills

We’re looking for help in delivering a brand new programme for the Youth Club – Digital Media Skills.  Video a major mode of communication and information-sharing for many young people, and we want to equip our Youth Club members for participation in today’s online world of employment and deliver the Enterprise Skills that our young people have told us they are looking for.  If you are keen to help or know anyone who might, please get in contact!  This is your chance to help create meaningful and well-crafted films with enthusiastic young people!
Count Me In!

Know Anything About Computer Services Outsourcing?

The Mary’s managers are in the process of outsourcing the organisation’s data and computer services. This should simplify and secure our information-keeping and flexible working, as well as save staff time for more important matters!  We’d love to hear from anyone with expertise in the area to give advice and help evaluating our options.
Count Me In!

Youth Club Relaunch The Zone

Mary’s Youth Club relaunched ‘The Zone’ on Wednesday 10th December.  This is the social hub at the heart of the club, and complete with a brightly redecorated (blue and orange) room and a restocked games cupboard, it should be grow to be the a meeting place for young people in our community.  Complete with music from our in-house DJ and pizza for those staying later into the evening, we can truly say that we ended the year on a high!  If you’d like to see more photographs, take a look at our website!
Take Me There!

Our mailing address is:

Mary’s (SMICP),
St Mary’s Parish Office

London, England



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