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                                               April 2015 

Funding a Force for Good

Mary’s needs your help to be a Force for Good in the Community

Recent changes to local government funding means that running a small community organisation like Mary’s involves constantly looking for additional resources and partners.  At Mary’s we have an absolute commitment to the young people of our local community and we’ve been excited to see so many involved in recent projects – but we need your help to continue this work.

We’ve successfully raised some of what we need for the year ahead, but still have ground to make up.  Below you can see some of the partners and supporters who’ve already funded the vital work we do.

Everybody who contributes towards the work of Mary’s, whether through offering financial support, expertise, networking or volunteering, makes a significant difference to the lives of the people of our community.  Every individual who participates with us can lay a real claim to being a Friend of Mary’s, in actions as well as words.  Every group who comes alongside us can share in saying ‘This is our work’.

We hope that you would like to partner with our supporters either through donations, fundraising or offering your skills to help us reach our target.   In the article below we’re really proud to be able to introduce you to Ian Mylam, who is both a Trustee of Mary’s and a foot-slogging fund-raiser.  If he should inspire you to raise funds for Mary’s through your own event, please let us know.  We’re also using this issue to introduce one of the Community Groups we host in Mary’s Rooms – Step Forward.  Their work in empowering young people and giving them the first taste of professional life runs parallel to the work of Mary’s Youth Club, the subject of our final short article.

Thank you for all your support so far.

Count Me In!
We’re grateful for the support of
City Bridge Trust
The Drapers’ Charitable Fund
The Mercers’ Company
The Goldsmiths’ Company
The Grocers’ Charity
The National Lottery
Waitrose Islington
And many more

Featuring… Step Forward

Step Forward is a socially mixed school leaver’s programme that combines valuable experience in the workplace with the opportunity for young people to gain a professionally recognised qualification – and earn while they do.  Venture into Mary’s Crypt during the week and you’ll find a Start Group of 17-18 year-olds being mentored and trained on a year-long path through the beginnings of their careers.  This complements their 30 hours paid work with one of a wide range of employers, from the worlds of Business, Education, Marketing and Software Development.  Andy Smith, Step Forward’s Head of Delivery, is clear about the value of the programme:  “We can match each school leaver with employers, some with high street names, and help them understand what professionalism means for them.”  A lively presence online through @The_StepForward and the group’s blog have attracted even more applicants for next year’s programme, taking that first step in their career.  You can find out more at
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Ian Mylam Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

When you truly believe in something, you don’t just talk about it, sometimes you’ve got to walk for it too.  That’s exactly what Ian will be doing on May 12th-23rd, trekking the length of the Thames and seeking your support and sponsorship to raise money for Mary’s Youth Club.   “My life was transformed as a teenager by youth services, so I believe passionately in youth work,” says Ian.   “I’ve been involved with the youth club at Mary’s for thirty years, and I’ve seen more than 400 young people coming to receive something here every year.  It’s my hope to see the work expand, not simply be maintained.”  You don’t take on such such a challenge or aim to raise £10,000 unless you really believe in the cause, and Ian plainly does.
He’ll be tweeting from @iansmylam during his journey – follow him to participate in the sunny highs and soggy lows.  He’s also inviting supporters to join him on the final leg of the trail – Putney to Greenwich on Saturday 23rd May.  You can find out more and make your pledge here.
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Youth Club Focus Still on Enterprise and  Employability 

In Summer 2014 young people clearly indicated that what they wanted out of Mary’s Youth Club was employability.  Less than a year down the line and we’ve made real progress in helping prepare them for the world of work, run their own projects and gain confidence.  After the success of Angel Entrepreneurs earlier in 2015, we’ve also teamed up with Enabling Enterprise and M&G Investments to deliver a social enterprise day and a business trip.  The ideas that continually arise from the imaginations of these young people are inspiring and provocative, proving the value of backing them in taking these opportunities.  Whether selling face-to-face, working in teams or drawing up schemes of their own, they repeatedly impress with their humour and drive.  Mary’s Youth Club allows these young people to pitch business ideas, create plans for retail and community initiatives, work with media and finance professionals and so much more.  It’s vital work and we’re committed to seeing it continue.
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