Our background

Mary’s was set up by St Mary’s Church  in 2008 to manage and develop its long established community work so that it could grow and flourish meeting the needs of the local area in and around Islington. We have a long history of working with children and young people and welcoming everyone in Mary’s community spaces.

Mary’s mission

To be a Beacon on Upper Street working together with the community to inspire and enable everyone to reach their full potential in a safe, stimulating and welcoming environment.

Mary’s values

  • People Centred
    In everything we do, we respect and value the people we are here to serve, our staff, partners and other stakeholders – embracing their diversity.
  • Transforming
    We want to make a difference to our communities by enabling them to change, grow and flourish. Transformation happens when we believe in, we encourage and we challenge those we work with and for.
  • Collaborative
    We build rewarding relationships with those we serve, with our partners and with each other. We value difference, we welcome dialogue, we trust people. Collaboration makes community and together we are stronger.
  • Innovative
    We are brave, forward thinking and creative, using the resources open to us to continually grow and build community in an ever-changing environment.
  • Integrity
    We will show integrity by being honest and accountable in all we do.  We will aspire to understand and meet the needs of our whole community.

Mary’s work

We have four main areas of work:

Mary’s Youth Club – where we work with 10-25 year old young people offering a range of artistic, sporting and skills and employment enhancing activities. It’s part of our ethos to let them drive, shape and even co-deliver with us all that happens in the club.

Mary’s Pre-school – where we work with 2-5 year old children and their families many of who come from needy backgrounds. Our goal is to give them the best care and most ideal stimulating learning and playing environment possible to ensure they get a good start in their early years development

Mary’s Play Scheme – where we provide full day activities for primary school aged children in the school holidays packed with a wide range of interactive and creative fun both indoor and out doors

Mary’s Meeting Rooms – where with and for the wider community we run Mary’s Neighbourhood Centre and Crypt as a community resource for so they can run their activities and meetings reaching thousands in our community.

Mary’s strategic aims

Our strategic aims for 2017-2020 are


To grow and deepen our positive impact on the lives of people in our communities, building their resilience and raising their aspirations by:

  • Ensuring that existing services remain high-quality and run at full capacity
  • Responding to evolving needs, including developing new programmes
  • Enabling individuals to move on to the next stage of their development, smoothing their transition internally to other Mary’s services or externally to other providers offering appropriate help and opportunities

St Mary Islington

To foster a strong, close and mutually effective relationship with St Mary’s Church by:

  • Enabling St Mary’s to be closely connected at all levels to the work being carried out by Mary’s, as the two organisations collaborate to serve the people of Islington
  • Securing a long-term tenure and investment into the buildings so that the spaces are fit for purpose


To embed ourselves in the community by:

  • Developing stronger relationships with our users and their families
  • Building our confidence in communicating Mary’s purpose and impact
  • Promoting a better awareness and understanding of Mary’s


To procure long-term, sustainable core funding that builds Mary’s resilience and secures its future.


To have a strong, stable and happy team of staff, trustees and volunteers.  


Approved by trustees on 14th December 2016

Trustees and Governance

Find out more about Mary’s trustees and governance structure and read its latest Annual Report (2016), which you can access by clicking here

Mary’s Policies

Click here to view Mary’s published policies

Newsletter Archive

You can find our newsletter archive here.

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